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JoomSimple Content Protection Plugin Logo

This plugin will help you to protect your Joomla based website contents by disabling some basic controls in user's browser. It is impossible to fully protect site contents against experienced users and still keep it search engines friendly, but you can stop at least some of them.

Plugin features:

  • Disable right click
  • Disable copy and paste
  • Show warning message to the user
  • Choose which user-types are affected by the plugin

JoomSimple Redirect Component and Plugin Logo

This extension will redirect all external links on your Joomla based site through a fully customizable page.

This does not only hide external links from search engines but also gives you an opportunity to show your user any kind of message/warning/disclaimer( or a couple of banners :) ) before he leaves your site.

There is no need to make any change to old archive materials, this extension does not mess up with your database - just install both Joomla plugin and Joomla component, customize redirect page and the plugin will do the rest on the fly.

It is also possible to exclude single link or even HTML block with all it's contents from the plugin's actions with special tags.

JoomSimple Steps Plugin Logo

This Joomla plugin will easely transform your one page manual into step-by-step tutorial which is easier to understand and to use - no need to scroll down the article anymore!

The slides setup is made by using html tags(possible to configure them or just use default) while editing the article.

Basic styling is available through plugin's settings page.

JoomSimple Teamspeak 3 Server Viewer Logo

Joomla Teamspeak 3 Server Viewer module makes it easy to put your teamspeak server status on your Joomla based website. It is based on open source Teamspeak 3 PHP Framework.

What is Joomla?
Joomla is an open source Content Management System(CMS) which allows you to create almost any type of site: from simple homepage to a news portal. It is powerful, easy to install, reliable and simple to work with. As a result, you can deploy and control your sites without special knowlege in web technologies. Joomla is not just a program - it's a huge community of users.